AMMOS supports the youth!

ammos restaurant - lucerne - ammos supports the youth!

We have become the jersey sponsor of the U23 basketball team of Swiss Central Basketball since last autumn.

It is important to us that we support the young people . The social structure of clubs is more than just the game it is about. It also focuses more on people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds.
That’s why we believe that, thanks to our success in Ammos, we have to give something back .

I know not much will be read at this point…

Nevertheless, yet another call for support  for crowdfunding.  The club still needs further support in order to be able to be active
in the youth and at the highest level for the next few years.

Despite a lot of volunteer work, there is still a little missing for the stabilization of this project.

Now we are contributing another CHF 300 for the crowdfunding.

Unfortunately, the club still needs to confirm until the end of April for it to be successful✅.


That’s why for every commitment from NOW (Friday, 21.4.), we are giving away a 10% voucher from Ammos on the amount of the support contribution! Simply send the
print screen of the payment receipt by email to with your name and telephone number. Here is the link to local heroes (crowdfunding of Raiffeisen).

Now I’m hoping for a lot of encouragement, active sharing (also as Facebook post or Instagram).

Your Ammos Team

Chris and Kristina

Passionate hosts


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